Puppet Lunch

A Puppet Enterprise testimonial,
by S. Young.

What's Here?

The information in these pages is organised like chapters in a book. There are six main chapters and a bunch of appendices. If we consider a fellow enquirer-after-the-truth getting to know his latest eBay purchase - a painstakingly reconstructed fossilised dinosaur, no less! - the chapters are the main backbone of the animal, proceding from head to tail on a joyful voyage of paleontological discovery, while the appendices are the various appendages such as ribs, legs, spiky bits etc. - the meaningful anatomical digressions which contribute to the overall function.

As analogies go, I must admit that was a bit unusual, but I'm new to this writing lark and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Ahem. Moving on...


Chapter 1 - Planning a Puppet Infrastructure
In which we have a sit-and-think about the task ahead of us and a Puppet platform is conceived.
Chapter 2 - Puppet Enterprise Installation
In which we demonstrate just how easy it is to install Puppet Enterprise.
Chapter 3 - Using Hiera
In which we investigate the enormously helpful Hiera and make our first hierarchy.
Chapter 4 - Auto-provisioning With Cloud Provisioner
In which we expound upon the marvels of Cloud Provisioner and produce servers out of thin air!
Chapter 5 - Controlling Puppet Configuration With Git
In which we start keeping tabs on our Puppet code, and arrange its automatic deployment.
Chapter 6 - Puppet Enterprise Roll-out Plan
In which we invite you to Create Your Own Adventure...



Any scripts referred to in the text may be found here: