Puppet Lunch

A Puppet Enterprise testimonial,
by S. Young.

Chapter 6 - Puppet Enterprise Roll-out Plan

Coming soon…

Or is it?

How you roll out Puppet is really a very personal thing. I would expect each and every organisation to take a slightly different approach as it’s highly dependent upon the local infrastructure landscape.

For example, some organisations may be starting from scratch, or migrating to new machines in a brand new data centre. Those people have it easy.

But most organisations will have an existing hodge-podge of inter-dependent systems, evolved over the years to include anything from mainframes to Red Hat 7, to Windows NT, to CentOS 6, to BBC Micros. There are going to be a whole host of issues and unanswered questions before these organisations even start a roll-out, and it’s certainly not my place to tell anyone how to do it.

All I will say is that you do need to make a plan - even if it’s only high-level, it still has to exist because ultimately this new way of managing infrastructure will help your organisation change and grow in a modern keeping-up-with-the-joneses kind of way. Execs may even be talking about configuration management over their next round of golf. It’s that Important. And without a plan (and management buy-in), any attempt to introduce something like this will very likely fail to get off the ground.

So. Happy planning, and I wish you all the best of luck. Remember, there are excellent helpful resources out there, and you’re not alone!