Puppet Lunch

A Puppet Enterprise testimonial,
by S. Young.

Welcome to Puppet Lunch!

This site is dedicated to the Puppet configuration management software, produced by Puppet Labs. It's not an official site - Puppet Labs have produced excellent documentation for their product and I'd encourage anyone learning Puppet to start their investigations there.

However, there are many aspects of setting up a Puppet system that the documentation does not cover, or it does so in passing without going into detail. In some cases it is incomplete and I've spent some time digging around for answers in an unexpectedly sparse landscape.

Whenever I've found the answers to these questions, I've jotted them down in the local wiki so neither I nor my colleagues need scour the Internets trying to find the answers again. In the same wiki I also chronicled the decisions made whilst designing the system, with the intention of creating an extremely flexible Puppet platform which adopts many of the latest best practices employed by the Puppet community.

After almost three months of investigations, the jottings became rather voluminous. I use them to remind me of stuff I found out weeks ago and had forgotten, and it occurred to me that someone, somewhere may find them useful too.

So I decided to make a home for them on the Interwebs! Yes, here they are in all their anonymised glory, for your perusal. And if you happen to stumble upon a page or two in a Google search result and find the information you're looking for, then this site will have fulfilled its purpose.

Please bear in mind that this is just one person's view, and should not be considered The Right Way To Do It. In my experience there is no such thing.

So. Anyone for a spot of lunch?

Onward to the Contents!


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P.S. The usual caveats apply - if you decide to follow any of the methods or advice contained within these pages, you do so at your own risk. Puppet is a very powerful tool which can make changes across your entire estate, so please do proceed with caution.